Seminya Village

Seminyak is one of the areas on the island of Bali which is famous for its tourist destinations. Seminyak has beaches, restaurants, and shopping destinations. So, what are the interesting things about this tourist destination and what makes them different from other places? Let’s take a closer look at the following review.

Seminyak Beach

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Seminyak is the beach. The white sand and clean environment will make you feel at home, spending your time relaxing and laying back. Especially if you come at sunset, you will be presented with an amazing sunset view.

If you like surfing, this beach is also suitable for you to explore. That’s because Seminyak Beach has constant waves, making the beach surf-friendly.


Do you crave a culinary adventure? No need to worry, in Seminyak there are many well-known restaurants that will make it easier for you to try new and interesting food and beverages with various specialties. Not only that, you will also see different iconic nuances and restaurant atmosphere. You can find a quiet and calm, romantic, relaxed atmosphere with crashing waves and beautiful sunset views, or a happy and busy atmosphere.

One of the restaurants you can visit is Barbarossa Seminyak Village. This restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes, one of which is authentic Italian food, namely pizza. Apart from that, you can also find French and Middle Eastern cuisine such as Lebanese and Moroccan here.

Do you want to relax? You can visit Baked in Seminyak Village. You can enjoy various types of coffee, tea, and their famous pastries in a relaxed atmosphere. Various kinds of merchandise are also available at Baked Seminyak Village.

Seminyak Village

To complete your tourism activities in Seminyak, don’t miss visiting Seminyak Village Mall. This shopping tourist destination will give you an amazing experience when shopping. If you are looking for typical Balinese souvenirs, you can get them easily there. Do you enjoy sweet snacks? Seminyak Village has Candylicious which sells various types of sweet snacks.

Spending free time relaxing at the mall is no less interesting. That’s because Seminyak Village Mall has a number of privileges. One of them is complete shopping facilities. You can find ATMs, buggy shuttles, money changers, information desks, places of worship, and ample parking easily. Not to forget, Seminyak Village Mall also presents a complete selection of brands and many local kiosks at its Marketplace and Open House.

Access is also convenient, you can get to Seminyak Village Mall in many ways. For example, you can use taxis or online transportation. If you want to walk, you can do so, because in the mall area there are a number of sidewalks connected to several areas in Seminyak. Seminyak Village area is well-known to be pedestrian friendly. You can also use Seminyak Village Buggy Service. Very convenient! So, let’s travel to Seminyak and don’t forget to shop at the iconic and attractive Seminyak Village Mall.

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