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Seminyak Village, The Good Choice for Shopping in Bali

A holiday in Bali would be incomplete without shopping activities. Not only is it an iconic tourist destination, but Bali also has interesting shopping spots. If you are looking for a shopping destination, Seminyak Village is the right choice. Seminyak Village has complete facilities ready to pamper you. There are also a lot of other advantages in this mall, you know. Anything? Let’s find out more.

Ease of Access

Seminyak Village is located at Jalan Kayu Jati Number 8, Seminyak. There are many options to go to that location, so you can easily access the mall. One way you can do this is by walking. Seminyak Village has several sidewalks connected to Jalan Kayu Aya. The area is known for being pedestrian-friendly.


You can also use a taxi at an affordable rate. Interestingly, Seminyak Village is also ready to help you order a taxi after you finish shopping. Apart from that, you can also use Grab Car or Go-Car facilities. You can easily order it via an application that you can download on your smartphone.


At some times, traffic in Seminyak can be very congested and busy. But don’t worry, you can still get to Seminyak Village easily. You can use online motorcycle taxi services, which can be ordered via Grab or Gojek applications. Very flexible, right?

Complete Facilities

When you arrive at Seminyak Village, you will be pampered with various kinds of facilities that will make your shopping trip easier. What are these facilities? Here’s the review.


If you need cash when shopping, you can get it easily through the ATMs available on the ground floor and first floor.

Buggy Shuttle

Seminyak Village collaborates with several hotel and resort partners to provide buggy shuttle facilities. Of course, this facility can help you on shopping trips with short travel routes. Buggy shuttle services can be booked through Seminyak Village Concierge or Partner Hotel Concierge.

Money Changer

You don’t have Rupiah currency to shop? Don’t worry, you can get it at the available money changer marketplace. The place is on the first floor of Seminyak Village Mall.


If you have any questions while shopping at Seminyak Village, we provide an information service that is ready to help you get the information you need. Apart from coming in person, you can also contact this information service via telephone.


Seminyak Village also provides prayer room facilities, so you can still carry out your worship in the midst of shopping and tourism activities.

Car and Bike Parking

Car and motorbike parking facilities are also available for those of you who use private vehicles. In the parking area there is also an elevator that can take you directly to the shopping area in a short time. 

Availability of Brands, Marketplace, and Open House

Complete facilities are also accompanied by the presence of a number of notable brands, various kiosks at Marketplace and Open House. You can easily get everything from fashion, accessories, gadgets, to food and drinks at Seminyak Village.


The abundant availability of brands, complete shopping facilities, and easy access make Seminyak Village a suitable mall for shopping and tourism. So what are you waiting for? Come shop at Seminyak Village and get an unforgettable shopping experience.